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I am A member of Living Faith Fellowship An Eliyah Ministry. My Pastor is Vivian Gregor. She teaches the Mysteries of the Kingdom, So that we As a Body May be Ready To go Out An Bear Fruit For Jesus Christ (Amen). We go through The Hebrew And Greek To try An Get A More Profound Judgement on What The Holy Spirit is Leading Us To in scripture. Through This Web site You Might See Lots of Words unfamiliar to You if you never Studied Lexicons of The Hebrew And The Greek, Ill Be Sure To Add An Link For The Lexicons. Hopefully This Site Can be A blessing to you and every Time You Return You Maybe Transformed. Just For Notice: We only Eat From The Word Of The God.Thy Shalt Not Eat Form The Tree Of Discernment of GOOD AND EVIL= Babylon= Mixture of Word.We Try Our Best To Stay On That Straight And Narrow Path, (But Hay Were Not Prefect and Never will be until the Rapture Rite?)Wrong!!! The Lord is coming back for a Bride without Spot and With Blemish. That word Perfect is the same word In the Greek as when The Apostle Paul said he Speaks To Mature Christians. Also Jesus Him Self Says Be Ye prefect for i am perfect. Beloved I Mind you That Only Christ Jesus Can Perfect you. (In What?) The Will of the Father That We May Be Glorified With Our Lord and Savior. (Amen) Therefore Repent from your Sins. Repent means to Come Back To A Higher Thinking .The Prophets Even Yahshuah (Jesus) taught on the mount or the hills, Repent literally Means To Readjust Your Aim. What Do You Mean, What Are We Aiming At ? Sin Speaks Of Missing a Mark (Amen) Then If Your Aiming That Would Make You an Artur or in the Latin (Hence) Arturo. The Torah or the Old Testament the first 5 books is the mark it literally means a (Bulls Eye). So if You Miss the Mark Then You Are In Sin And The Holy Spirit Will Direct You To Readjust Your Aim, An Hit the Mark. (Amen). I Hope This Site Changes Your mind In the Greek That’s Metanoeo it Also Means to Repent.

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