Aleph The First Letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit: the Values is 1.

The design of an alef is actually made up of three different letters:

2 Yuds the upper and the lower,which has the numerical value of 10. (Yud 10+Yud 10=20).The line down the middle is the letter Vav, Which has the numerical value of 6. So the Aleph also has the numerical value of 26, "Yud 10+Yud 10+Vav 6=26. 

The numerical value 26 is the same as Y(=10)H(=5)W(=6)H(=5). When you have Two numerical values that have the same number they became Interchangeable Meaning: Aleph's design has the value of 26 as does YHWH, then scripture is Fulfilled(interpreted writeMark 12:29 And Yeshua answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; YHWH is our Elohim, YHWH is one(Aleph): Yeshua also said I am the Aleph and the Tav.!!!! 

The Aleph and Tav is the first and last letters of the Hebrew Aleph-Beit. The expression "From the Aleph to Tav" Signifies "from beginning to end". Hence the observance of the Law(Torah) From Aleph to Tav" Are those that Keep the Law in its entirety.

So Yeshua said I am the Law(Torah).

 The upper and lower Yud's(Hands) point to Water; Water is first mentioned in the Torah in the account of the first day of Creation: "And the spirit of God hovered over the surface of the water." At this time the higher and the lower waters (yud's) were indistinguishable (Twins); their state is referred to as “water in water." On the second day of Creation God separated the two waters by "stretching" the firmament(Vav) between them. This heavenly Water(rain, Spirit of the Lord,Revelation) was looking for an Reflection (searching the Deep)

The higher water is Joy(Rain, Revelation) of being close to God or Hearing the Word of YHWH. The Lower water is bitterness from being far away from YHWH. The Vav is the Torah that which Connects you to the Higher Water's.

The Torah begins with the letter beit: "Bereishit (In the beginning) God created the heavens and the earth." The Ten Commandments, the Divine revelation to the Jewish People at Sinai, begin with the letter alef: "Anochi [I] am God your God who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage." The Midrash states that "higher reality" had been set apart from "lower reality," for God had decreed that neither higher reality descend nor lower reality ascend. In giving the Torah, God annulled His decree, He Himself being the first to descend, as it is written: "And God came down on Mount Sinai"(your mind). Lower reality, in turn, ascended: "And Moses approached the cloud...." The union of "higher reality," the upper Yud, with the "lower reality," the lower Yud, by means of the connecting Vav of Torah, is the ultimate secret of the letter Alef.

There is another teaching that posits that the suspended Vav represents the Torah. Since the Torah is what unites a Jew and God, the Alef represents this unity between mankind and God. This is the design, or form, of the Alef.


Master, Chief, School of Learning, Teacher, Thousand, Ox, Strength, One, When You Spell The Aleph Backwards you get The Word Peleh (Wondrous)6381 in the Strong's.

 peleh, “wondrous.” Peleh represents the esoteric or mystical level of Torah—JewishKab­balah and the teachings of Chassidic thought. Known as the “teachings of Mashiach,” these secrets of Torah comprise its greatest level.

The Baal Shem Tov once entered Mashiach’s heavenly cham­ber and asked, “Mashiach, when are you going to come?” Mashiach responded, “When the wellsprings of your teachings (i.e., the teachings of Chassidus) spread forth throughout the entire world.” Thus, only when the level of peleh—this level of wondrous esoteric thought—has permeated the world, will the arrival of Mashiach be imminent.

This Is the Teaching's Of  Yeshua HaMashiach All this is A witness to him and the Orthodox Jew's Do Not see Whats been Sense Two Thousand(aleph) years Ago Let alone the one's that say they believe in Yeshua,

Its Time To Wake Up!!!!!!.   


    The Ox is The Apostle. 

The Ox Plows the Field, The Name of God "El" Speaks of an Older Ox Yoked To A younger Ox Pushing Towards a Mark The Tav, Which is the Picture of Two Cross Sticks. Its all over the Hebrew Sefer (bible) meaning God"EL" is the one take you to your Death. Aleph Lamed is how you spell it out. Lamed is a picture of an Shepherd's Staff, Speaks of Authority, and it is a Yoke. Yoke is teaching, Yeshua said "Take my yoke(Teachings) upon thy back and Learn of Me".So God's Teaching is Whats Going to Kill You. Meaning to Put away the Flesh(carnality). This why Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:31 say's i die daily. and 1 Corinthians 9:9 For it is written in the Law of Moses (Torah) Thy shalt not muzzle the mouth of a ox that treadeth out the corn.Doth YHWH take care for Oxen?Deuteronomy 25:4,1Timothy 5:18.

The Structure of the Ox is The Two Horns(shophar) Represent an Apostolic message. The Head is the mind. meaning the mind of Christ is the Apostolic message of El that Will bring you to your Death(kill the Flesh).


When the Aleph is spelled out the value of it is 111.

Letter Value, 1.

Spelled Value, 111.

katan, 12.

The ordinal, 30.

HaKadimi, 511

Shemi, 266

Design, 26

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