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Revelation. An Apocalypse; What is this? 

602. apokalupsis ap-ok-al'-oop-sis from 601; disclosure:--appearing, coming, lighten, manifestation, be revealed, revelation.            Apo= Remove Kalupsis= The Vail's.

Revelation or Apocalypse = To Remove The Vail's , Vail's = Flesh. 
*Deuteronomy 32:2 My doctrine shall drop as the rain. 
*Yahshua Came through the Vail that to say his flesh.

 Note: The Sword is (The Word).The Word comes from El Elohim which is Revelation. Revelation means To: Remove the Vail's. 

So Every Time We Get An Revelation Are Flesh, Vail's(Beastly Nature,or Carnality) is Being Hacked Away By the Sword of El.

1A).Script: Jesus Said I seen Satan Cast Down AS a Bolt Of Lightning. Lighting is light From Heaven! Revelation. In THE ANCIENT 
HEBREW LEXICON OF THE BIBLE Lightning is the Strike Of An Sword. Satan IS the Beastly Nature.

The aleph. 
Lightning .
dew .
Water or Rivers.
Water Pots = pots filled with water .
The Ten Commandments Or in Hebrew The Ten Words.
Yahshua's Spirit is Us.
And The Tav.
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The SOD Level of Biblical Teaching.  

The 4 Levels of the Study of the Torah

The Torah is divided into four levels of teaching. They are: P’shat, Drash, Remez and the Sod. Brief explanations are below:

P’shat Level

The P’shat level is the plain sense of the text. What does it actually say. Every word, phrase, and thought has a meaning, there is no word that is redundant or idle. Even if it appears to be, it is not. It is filled with meaning for us to learn.

Drash Level

The Drash level is where truth and principle are presented. Truth can only be truth if it is confirmed. Confirmation as we know must come in the form of evidence and evidence must be at least two or three witnesses.

Remez Level

The Remez level is the underlying theme or story that is told while speaking of other things. It is how prophecy is laid into the story of history. This level shows the plan for Yashua’s redemption and restoration.

Sod Level

The Sod level is the mysterious and coded level. This involves the understanding of numbers along with the meaning associated with certain numerical values. For example, the number 1 represents "Echad" or Oneness, "Two" represents struggle, division or witness, etc. This level also involves the meanings of names.

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